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The Debbie Allen Dance Academy Dancers

About this Artist

The DEBBIE ALLEN DANCE ACADEMY is an institution committed to making dance a meaningful experience for all individuals. Drawing upon the diverse career experiences and professional resources of its founder Debbie Allen, the Academy provides rigorous, comprehensive dance training for young dancers. Students are required to maintain solid academic performance while pursuing challenging courses of superior dance training, aesthetic development, and practical knowledge of the business of the performing arts.

The development of new works by young choreographers for young audiences is an equally important part of the Academy’s mission. The Academy provides performance opportunities, including the Millennium Choreographer’s Series, as well as quarterly presentations of new works by both guest artists and Academy members. The Academy Recitals Series, featuring signature works created for Academy performances, are designed to engage and entertain the entire community. Students’ participation in the Academy also serves as a means of developing the discipline, self-confidence, and creativity that every individual needs to succeed in any career. The program also includes field trips to a wide variety of art and cultural institutions. These experiences help Academy members form a personal aesthetic sense as well as promote familiarity and comfort in culturally diverse settings. For many, these field trips represent a student’s first exposure to the richness of the Los Angeles cultural community.