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About this Artist

KROUMATA (John Eriksson, Johan Silvmark, Anders Loguin, Anders Holdar, Roger Bergström, and Leif Karlsson) was formed in 1978 and is today a unique ensemble in Sweden with international tours to over 35 countries. In Sweden, Kroumata has attained cult status and plays to full houses. The ensemble, a vision of the Swedish Concert Institute, commissions and performs works by Swedish as well as international composers. Over the years, the ensemble has performed nearly 200 works.

Kroumata has a special role as one of Sweden's most important artistic ambassadors abroad. The group was first to be named official ambassadors for Stockholm - cultural capital of Europe for 1998. As part of the celebrations, Kroumata hosted the highly successful Stockholm International Percussion Event, featuring guest artists from all over the world.

Over the years, Kroumata has recorded several CDs, on their own as well as in collaboration with other artists. The group has received many prizes and awards, among them the Positive Sweden Foundation Award, which honors Swedes who have made a significant contribution to the country's international reputation and standing.

Kroumata often performs at official functions together with the King and Queen of Sweden and the ensemble was honored by the presence of the royal couple at Kroumata's 20th-anniversary concert in 1998.

Since 1997 Kroumata has had its own venue, Capitol, a converted theater in central Stockholm. This has given the ensemble an intimate venue for performing contemporary music, and they offer a 6 p.m. series of "On-your-way-home Concerts" there.

During the 2002 season, Kroumata performed at Lincoln Center. The ensemble also participated in celebrations for Stockholm's 750-year anniversary. In a spectacular performance on the grounds of the Royal Palace, Kroumata, accompanied by 40 drummers, used their instruments to tell the history of the city of Stockholm.

(Messrs. Loguin, Karlsson, Silvmark, and Holdar take part in the January, 2003, performances.)