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Eugenia León

About this Artist

EUGENIA LEÓN got her start in the nueva canción ("new song") folk music movement, dedicated to social change, which played a role in the social upheavals in Portugal, Spain, and Latin America in the 1970s and 1980s.  In 1985, just days after an earthquake devastated  her hometown of Mexico City, Ms. León earned the top prize at the OTI International Song Festival in Spain. With over 25 recordings and a repertoire that ranges from contemporary composers to traditional Mexican and Latin American music and an interest in incorporating elements of theater, cabaret, and opera into her performances, Ms. León is not locked into any one genre.  Her association with actors, poets, painters, and writers imparts a distinct and rich dimension to her music.  Ms. León has appeared in prestigious events around the world such as the Pan Pacific Music Festival in Japan, the Kennedy Center's AmericArtes Festival in Washington, DC, Expo Seville in Spain, and the Americas Summit in Cartagena, Colombia.  Earlier this year, Ms. León performed "La Llorona," a song made famous by Chavela Vargas in front of the great singer herself. She makes her Walt Disney Concert Hall debut with this concert.