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Maogani Quartet

About this Artist

MAOGANI QUARTET stands out as one of the main active groups in the Brazilian popular music scene since its origin, in 1995. Maogani has created a new musical concept concerning interpretation and arranging, with an unexplored and somehow peculiar instrumental ensemble for popular groups: four young musicians combining solid academic background with great experience in popular music and its characteristic idiom. Throughout its career, Maogani has performed in the main theatres and stages in Brazil, as well as festivals such as TIM Festival (São Paulo, 2004). Maogani won the most important musical awards in Brazil, as TIM Music Awards (2005) and Rival Music Awards (2004).

The group's versatility has attracted critics, audiences and important personalities of the music scene in Brazil and abroad. In 2004 and 2005 Maogani captivated audiences in Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland and played at the Open String Festival in Osnabrück, sharing the stage with the prestigious Assad Brothers.

Maurício Marques graduated in Guitar at the University of Pelotas in 1998, developing a work of composition and orchestration based on the folk music of his native state, Rio Grande do Sul. In 2000, he recorded an album with works by Astor Piazzolla.

Carlos Chaves is a Guitar graduate from the University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Master in Brazilian Music by Uni-Rio. In 1996 Chaves won the Souza Lima National Competition, in São Paulo, and in 2001 his composition "Choro de Bela" was awarded the first prize in the Instrumental category at the Americana Festival. Having studied with Rio de Janeiro's best guitar teachers, he performs regularly as soloist, chamber player and accompanying singers and soloists.

Marcos Alves graduated in Guitar at the University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) with excellent academic performance. Distinguished player and composer, he explores classical and jazz knowledge in his works as arranger and guitar player.

Paulo Aragão has Master Degree in Musicology by Uni-Rio, where he presented a much praised study about Brazilian musical arrangement in the 1930s. Graduate in Guitar at the University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), he received from this institution the "Academic Dignity Summa cum Laude" title. His work stands out in arranging (as in Guinga's album "Noturno Copacabana") and accompanying (as in the Japan tour with singer Ana Martins). Aragão is also a guitar teacher at the Choro Music School in Rio de Janeiro.