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Darius Milhaud


About this Artist

Born: 1892, Marseilles, FranceDied: 1974, Geneva, Switzerland

"I have no esthetic rules, or philosophy, or theories. I love to write music. I always do it with pleasure, otherwise I just do not write it."

Milhaud was able to compose anywhere, anytime, and left an enormous bounty of works in every genre and medium - 16 operas, 18 string quartets, 12 symphonies, 28 film scores, 21 concertos, 17 ballets, dozens of songs, children's music, and on and on in bewildering profusion. He was a pioneer in the exploitation of jazz, aleatoric techniques, and polytonality. A love of percussion is readily apparent in his work, as is a sincere, deeply personal lyric voice. He traveled widely and often, always alert to musical inspiration wherever he was.

Further listening:

La création du monde (ballet, 1923)

ORTF National Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein

(EMI Classics)

Scaramouche (suite for 2 pianos, 1937)

Noël Lee, Christian Ivaldi (EMI Classics)