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Jon Monastero

About this Artist

JON MONASTERO is excited to make his third appearance on stage at the Disney Concert Hall with the amazing Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, having performed previously as the Spirit of the Cello in The Spirit of the Cello and as a Pall Bearer in The Composer is Dead. He also spent a summer playing the role of Jack Donkey in Summersounds at the Hollywood Bowl.

Other stage credits include playing Harlequin in The School of Night (Mark Taper Forum, dir. Bill Alexander), the Soldat in L'Histoire du Soldat (San Francisco Symphony), Matamore in The Illusion (Open Fist Theatre, Dir. David Bridel), and Fafalo in Fafalo (Inside the Ford and Miles Playhouse, Dir. Stephen Legawiec).

For the past two years, Jon has performed as a clown in special events with Cirque du Soleil. He is 1/2 of the clown duo, Ten West ( which has garnered critical and audience acclaim across North America.

Jon was born in Omaha, speaks fluent Italian and loves raccoons, history and performing pratfalls for his niece and nephew.