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Born: 1982, New York City, New York

“Writing for orchestra today need not be antiquated, and I imagine audiences will continue to seek out live music in the face of a more thoroughly digitally mediated lifestyle. Classical music has a fragility that is especially appealing as a rare, live experience.”

TRISTAN PERICH'S work is inspired by the aesthetic simplicity of math, physics, and code. The WIRE Magazine describes his compositions as “an austere meeting of electronic and organic.” 1-Bit Music, his 2004 release, was the first album ever released as a microchip, programmed to synthesize his electronic composition live. His award-winning work coupling 1-bit electronics with traditional forms in both music (Active Field, Observations) and visual art (Machine Drawings, Microtonal Wall) has been presented around the world, from Sonar and Ars Electronica to bitforms gallery and the Whitney Museum.

Further listening:1-Bit Symphony (2010)(Cantaloupe)