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About this Artist

Founded in 2002, RAAGAPELLA is Stanford University's all-male South Asian focus a cappella group, specializing in the fusion of South Asian and Western music. A cappella, literally translated as "without instruments," is a style of music in which all sound is created using only the human voice. The group aims to blend Western singing forms with a multitude of musical traditions styled in the subcontinent, bringing a unique flair to the genre. With performances throughout the greater Bay Area and across the West Coast, Raagapella has sung in venues ranging from campus dormitories to packed auditoriums. In 2005, Raagapella won the National South Asian A Cappella Championship at UC Berkeley and released its debut album Raags to Riches to much critical acclaim, including two perfect scores from the Recorded A Cappella Review Board, the only album of its genre to ever do so. The group is excited and deeply honored to perform for you at the Hollywood Bowl tonight alongside Mr. Rahman and all the incredibly talented musicians.