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Milo Talwani


About this Artist

MILO TALWANI is a fifteen-year-old composer from Los Angeles with wide-ranging musical interests. He is particularly fond of composers like Webern and Scelsi who create small, spare works. He began studying composition with Dr. Bruce Miller of the Colburn Conservatory when he was twelve, working on solo piano and chamber music. He has played in the Senior Jazz and Latin Jazz bands at Eagle Rock High School, as well as with the Colburn String Ensemble. He is in tenth grade at the L.A. County High School of the Arts. On weekends, he plays rock with his friends. He enjoys studying music theory with Warren Spaeth, classical piano with Miji Kim and viola with Rocio Marron. Milo’s earliest music classes were at the Colburn School of Performing Arts when he was two years old. He also sang in the Colburn Children’s Choir for several years. Most recently, he studied electro-acoustic composition and North Indian classical music at the California State Summer School of the Arts.

Milo feels lucky to live in Southern California because of the strong presence of contemporary music here, from the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s Green Umbrella concerts to the Ojai Music Festival. His music has reached the other coast, with a performance of his Viola-Cello Duet at the New York Summer Music Festival in 2010, and the premiere of his piano solo, “The Prevailing Wisdom,” at a Vox Novus new music event in 2011. Milo has recently branched out into collaborations with theatre and visual artists, including a multi- media installation featuring live electronic music. He also likes writing songs with his younger sister, Lucy, and playing handball with his little brother, Jasper.