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Jeff Taylor

About this Artist

JEFF TAYLOR is thrilled to making his stage debut as Larry the Dwarf in this outstanding production with the LA Phil. The New Jersey born, Brooklyn based songwriter and his band Dumpster Hunter — shatters the psychic wall between audience and performer, exposing a weird, compelling and emotionally naked universe.  Jeff is known to gang up on unsuspecting audiences, using his large mouth and acrobatic musical arrangements both as tools and semi-lethal weapons.  Exciting, sometimes unplanned sit-ins with artists like Matisyahu and Trixie Whitley have punctuated the last few years of Taylor’s journey. Jeff would like to thank Peabody Southwell, Shane Doyle & Sin-é Bar, James Darrah, The LA Philharmonic, Carolyn Taylor, the musicians of Dumpster Hunter, Rockwood Music Hall, and Holly Garman.