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The Album Leaf featuring Mike Heron from The Incredible String Band

About this Artist

Jimmy LaValle has released critically-acclaimed solo work as THE ALBUM LEAF (the name comes from a Chopin piece) since 1999’s mellow An Orchestrated Rise to Fall (Linkwork). The releases that followed bubble with moody, contemplative slow builds and Brian Eno-inspired compositional atmospherics. Structural drum and bass undertones ground and direct dreamscapes that are painted with varieties of organic instruments, making for sonic journeys that are as whimsical as they are epic. During the realization of 2003’s Lifetime or More (Arena Rock) and Seal Beach (Acuarela) EPs, he prepared himself to take on a new direction by founding his rich, textural documents on minimalist beats. After constant touring, LaValle used time bought by the success of his Sub Pop debut, 2004’s In a Safe Place (which saw songs as the soundtrack to six episodes of “The OC,” and stints with CBS, NBC, and Showtime). He sequestered himself for six months in his San Diego house solely to write. This upswing of downtime resulted in his fourth full-length, 2006’s Into the Blue Again, a return to The Album Leaf’s conception, with LaValle handling virtually all of the instrumental duties. Indeed, personal focus has been LaValle’s primary objective with Into the Blue Again. The album’s ten tracks exhibit an elegant, ascendant assurance.

The Album Leaf collaborates with Mike Heron for this very special appearance at the Bowl, eager to shape their malleable and ambient post-rock sound into a new form with the iconic founder of the Incredible String Band.