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Nick Tipp

About this Artist

NICK TIPP has been producing and engineering studio albums since his start in the post-grunge Seattle scene in 1998. He has worked with an incredibly varied array of artists from many genres. A partial client list can be found on his website

The New York and LA Times have noted that audiences at concerts Nick has engineered have experienced classical instrumentation, as loud, “lush,” “detailed and visceral” as any rock show could be, while still sounding like a beautiful acoustic concert.

Nick’s initial work in the Classical world was under the tutelage of Producer Fred Vogler who hired Nick to be the recording engineer for the LA Opera. In 2009 an Opera he recorded and edited won two Grammy Awards, Best Classical album and Best Opera recording — Kurt Weill’s The City of Mahagonny.

After his time the the LA Opera Nick has focussed most of his attention in the acoustic music world to helping produce groundbreaking live events that challenge audience’s perception of what classical music, or opera should sound like.

His most successful Sound Designing and Producing endeavor has been Christopher Cerrone’sInvisible Cities opera, performed in LA’s Union Station and broadcast to audience’s wireless headphones. Produced by The Industry, the opera was hailed as huge success by classical press, but also garnered notice from major newspapers, and technology outlets. WIRED says it was “the leading edge of operatic innovation.” The strength of this work rested mainly upon the sound designer and live mixing engineer’s shoulders (Nick) as it was “an opera who’s soundscape exists entirely in the audience’s headphones” (TechHive).