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Jack Wall

About this Artist

Having established himself over the past eight years as one of the prime movers of the videogame music industry, JACK WALL has built a track record and an international reputation as an A-List composer and music producer in the interactive entertainment sector. He also brings an unmatched depth of experience, credibility and knowledge in the production of records, working with mainstream artists and major label artists. His work spans full-length albums, live concert recordings, videogame soundtracks, film soundtracks and other projects that demand an exacting ear and vast library of musical and technical knowledge and know-how.

Jack Wall has built a prestigious career upon strong production values. He cut his teeth working at Synchro Sound Studios in Boston, then owned by The Cars, and Skyline Studios NYC, the home of renowned producer Nile Rodgers, where he engineered and produced records for John Cale, David Byrne, Dr. John and Patti Smith. Jack served as engineer, producer and arranger with John Cale, founding member of the seminal and highly influential band, The Velvet Underground.

Together they produced film soundtracks for BASQUIAT featuring David Bowie and Dennis Hopper, SOMEWHERE IN THE CITY with Sandra Bernhardt, RHINOCEROS HUNTING IN BUDAPEST, and HOUSE OF AMERICA. They co-produced albums and singles for cutting-edge artists such as The Jesus Lizard and The Maids of Gravity. Jack also engineered and mixed John Cale's critically acclaimed album WALKING ON LOCUSTS, and produced a live recording of John Cale performing with the Hudson Valley Philharmonic Orchestra in NYC.

Jack has continued to exercise his ability to bring exactly the right combination of tempo and energy, as well as his unique producing, arranging and engineering skill-set, to film and videogame soundtracks, most notably for the attention-grabbing independent film WAR ZONE, the multi-million selling MYST series and the RPG blockbuster JADE EMPIRE.

Composing for and conducting a full symphony orchestra and master chorale, Jack composed and produced an epic musical score for MYST III: EXILE that Newsweek called a "pulse-quickening orchestral score", while USA Today said, "The moody, new-age soundtrack [is] impressive." The MYST III: EXILE soundtrack was nominated by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences in 2002 for "Outstanding Achievement in Musical Composition" and received "2002 Soundtrack of the Year Award" from the readers of Game Industry News. Most recently the MYST III: EXILE main theme was featured in the trailer for the Universal Studios motion picture PETER PAN.

For the sequel MYST IV: REVELATION, Jack traveled the globe and recorded with world class players and exotic vocal musicians, including the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava and the Warsaw Village Band in Poland, as well as the Los Angeles choir. In addition, he collaborated with Grammy award-winning recording artist Peter Gabriel on a theme song for the game. Combining these unique music styles and Jack's creative force as a leading composer, the MYST IV: REVELATION soundtrack delivers one of the most spellbinding, standout soundtracks for a new generation of game players and music lovers alike.

On his latest trailblazing musical adventure JADE EMPIRE, Jack focused on a Chinese and Asian instrumental palette with an "East meets West" approach. Working with Chinese music consultant Zhiming Han, the Taiko Center of Los Angeles and several other uniquely talented musicians he crafted an exotic, percussion instrument driven score that perfectly fits the mythological kung-fu world setting envisioned and created by the game's developer BioWare.

Jack's other game score credits include SPLINTER CELL: PANDORA TOMORROW (cinematic music), DUNGEON SIEGE II (promotional trailers), WRATH UNLEASHED (LucasArts) and RISE OF THE KASAI (Sony Computer Entertainment), among others.

Jack Wall is senior director and co-founder of the Game Audio Network Guild (G.A.N.G.), a non-profit organization established to promote excellence in interactive audio by providing information, instruction, resources, guidance and enlightenment not only to its members, but to publishers, developers and listeners throughout the world.

Jack Wall's website is, and he is managed by Bob Rice of Four Bars Intertainment.