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The Beu Sisters

About this Artist

The BEU SISTERS combine savvy pop melodies with poignant yet easily accessible lyrics. The material on their debut album, Decisions, boasts 13 songs that tell their story, woven together by the four glorious voices and exquisite harmonies.

Candice, Christie, Jilaine, and Danielle sing with soul and true energy. For these gifted girls, the story began in New York City, where for many years their parents were in show business. In 1991 the family relocated to the coastal town of New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Everything at the Beu household was both productive and artistically stable, until 1994, when the parents divorced.

Inevitably, the sisters drew closer - and music, which had always been their bond, took on an even greater importance. Scraping together what little money they had, in 1997 they cut a demo containing four original songs that provided the cornerstone on which they began to build their act.

With Christie at the helm, arranging all of the vocal parts, the Beu Sisters learned most of their songs a cappella, singing ideas back and forth. As a result, through this combination of improvisation and intuition, their harmonies developed a synchronicity that today makes their sound both fresh and distinctive.

Hard work and a refusal to give up began to pay off, leading eventually to a recording contract with S-Curve Records. It takes an amazing history to produce an album like Decisions -

a history of dreams coming true and new adventures about to begin.