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East Wind Foundation

About this Artist

East Wind Lion Dance Troupe was founded in 1972. It is an active South China lion dance group based in Chinatown, Los Angeles. The group has been a lion dance and kung fu establishment for over 45 years. The group is based at Alpine Park & Recreation in Chinatown, where it can serve the youths in the Los Angeles area. At Alpine, the youths are given an opportunity to learn lion dancing and kung fu.

The East Wind Lion Dance is a subsidiary of the East Wind Foundation for Youth, Inc, a non-profit, community-based organization providing cultural, academic, and recreational activities in Chinatown and the surrounding neighborhoods. It has been recognized with numerous community awards through the years from the City of Los Angeles Mayor, City Council, California Arts Council, and LA 84 Foundation.

The main activity of the group has been lion dance performances. East Wind has made several appearances in numerous parades, multi-cultural celebrations, community festivals, wedding banquets, corporate events, and commercial grand openings. It has been in several movie and television cameos, commercials, and documentaries.