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Infinite Flow

About this Artist

Infinite Flow – An Inclusive Dance Company is a nonprofit and professional dance company, founded in 2015 and based in Los Angeles, which uses dance as a vehicle to eliminate the stigma associated with disability. Our vision is to make dance accessible to people of all abilities and create a world where the word “disability” doesn’t exist. We create high-quality dance performances where we dismantle the disability stereotype and showcase the beauty of inclusion to broad audiences, and we produce community dance classes, workshops, and experiences where participants are able to see that though we are all different, we can all dance and connect to one another. Since 2015, we have performed at over 70 events, reaching 10,000 live audience members; tracked over 35 million views on Facebook videos; and hosted over 200 inclusive dance classes, workshops, and experiences, serving 3,000 people of all abilities. Our strategic partners and clients include global brands such as Red Bull, Facebook, Apple, and Porsche (Woodland Hills Porsche). Infinite Flow was founded by Marisa Hamamoto, a professional ballroom dancer who was temporarily paralyzed from the neck down with a rare stroke in the spinal cord. Infinite Flow plans to expand its reach and impact nationally and globally over the next couple years.  IG & Facebook: @InfiniteFlowDance