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Mehdi Bagheri & Daneshvar Family Ensemble

About this Artist

Born in 1980, Mehdi Bagheri has fast become one of the most renowned practitioners of the Persian kamancheh of his generation. A composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Kermanshah, Iran, Mehdi received his master’s degree from the Arak University in 2004, studying with luminaries of traditional Iranian music, including maestros Kayhan Kalhor and Ardeshir Kamkar, while simultaneously pursuing a degree in Dramatic Theater.

He has performed worldwide at festivals such as the Oslo World Music Festival and Morgenland Festival, he has appeared at the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris - France), the Smithsonian Institute (Washington, D.C.), the Asia Society (Houston, TX), and the Getty Center (Los Angeles, CA), as well as appearing with the Berlin Radio Choir, featuring performances of his works in the RBB Hall. Since 2010, Mehdi resides in Southern California, sharing his music through a broad range of performance, recording, and educational practices.

Daneshvar Family Ensemble

The Daneshvar Family Ensemble was formed in 2002, with the group being made up of two sisters, Parvaneh and Parisa, and two brothers, Babak and Behnam Daneshvar. The oldest member of the group was Babak, who in 1991 entered the music world with his performances on santour; his sister, Parvaneh with tar and setar; Behnam with tombak; and Parisa with ney.

The first concert that they took on stage was in Zanjan, Iran in 2004, which was followed by concerts in Tehran and in other cities throughout Iran. Alongside having their own music group, the Daneshvar family established its own school of music called The Daneshvar Music Institute in Zanjan, where they all taught music to children and gave lessons for learning various instruments. Throughout all the years that they taught music, they nurtured many musically talented and passionate students, including their nephew, Mehrpouya Daneshvar, and their niece, Diba Javidbakht. Both of these students have continued in the advancement of music and education.

In 2006, a new member was added to the group, Mehdi Bagheri, who is a composer and kamancheh player as well as Parisa’s husband. He has performed in several of the Daneshvar concerts in Iran and internationally.

The Daneshvar Ensemble currently reside in Southern California and has given concerts in different states. The Daneshvars Music Institute is situated in Southern California and has begun teaching different Persian instruments, and traditional and classical music, as well as teaching music to children.