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Steve’s Machine Empire

About this Artist

Steve Craig is an inventor, artist, designer, photographer, builder, and maker of interactive art machines for kids. His first creation was a fully mechanical drawing machine fabricated from bicycle parts and steel. Steve soon discovered kid's curiosity and delight with his contraptions.

“I've finally found my calling...and it’s creating interactive art machines for kids and watching them play.”

He built more machines and began to share them at local farmers’ markets as well as birthdays and other community events. The machines went from purely mechanical to battery powered, electronic devices, incorporating the Arduino microcontroller. With the Arduino, and some help from Google and YouTube, Steve learned some coding and his machines have continually evolved. He continues to experiment, collect, and repurpose materials and to build and design machines with kids in mind. His vision is to expand and teach workshops. . . but mainly to keep on building cool things.