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Stephen Biagini

About this Artist

Having studied with some of the top cello pedagogues of the 20th century, including Margaret Rowell, Bonnie Hampton, and Raya Garbousova, STEPHEN BIAGINI received his baccalaureate degree from San Francisco Conservatory of Music. From 1987 to 1993 Biagini was the assistant principal cello of the Savannah Symphony Orchestra and performed two concertos with the orchestra.

He became the librarian of the Savannah Symphony in 1988, quickly mastering all aspects of the modern symphony library. Biagini worked as the principal librarian of the Phoenix Symphony from 1993 through 1995.

Since he began his current position as Los Angeles Philharmonic librarian in 1995, his time is split between the Philharmonic and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. Being the HBO librarian, Biagini has earned an international reputation as a preeminent pops and film music librarian. Not only involved with the traditional facets of orchestral librarianship, such as research, ordering music, proofing, and editing, Biagini has been on the forefront of incorporating technology into the library. He aided in the development of OPAS (Orchestra Planning and Administration System), a software program used by orchestras worldwide for data management. Being proficient in the use of engraving programs such as Finale and Sibelius, Biagini has been able to assist musicians and conductors by engraving problematic materials to make them easier to perform.

Biagini's family time is focused on his wife Cathy ­ a freelance cellist ­ and their two busy children, Seth and Sarah.