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Convite Oaxaqueño

About this Artist

On every stage where music director Estanislao Maqueos has presented his Banda Filarmónica Maqueos Music, he has generated emotion, admiration, and won the public’s heart. Comprising a large number of children ranging from five to 20 years of age, this ensemble is recognized for its excellence.  

In the last few years, Maqueos and his band have participated in many important events in Los Angeles and played alongside well-known singers such as Susana Harp, Lorenzo Negrete, Georgina Meneses, La Santa Cecilia, and Lila Downs. They have performed under the direction of world-famous conductors such as Baltazar Chevarria of the Mexico Conservatory, Pedro Miguel Fajardo from the Spanish Canary Islands, and had the privilege of training and performing with Faustino Diaz, considered one of the best musicians and the best trombonist in the world. The members of the band possess an extensive repertoire numbering hundreds of pieces in a variety of genres.

An Oaxaca native, Estanislao Maqueos began his music and band director career in 1995. In just 18 years of living in Los Angeles, California, Maqueos has directed and established numerous ensembles, founded a music school, and taught hundreds of musicians of all ages from many states and countries.

Estanislao Maqueos is also responsible for forming the first youth band to be made up of first-generation Oaxaqueños residing in the United States. 

He has trained hundreds of musicians of all ages at the Maqueos Music Academy, which he founded in 2005. At this institution, students learn how to play musical instruments including the trumpet, clarinet, soprano, alto sax, tenor sax, E-flat horn, trombone, tuba, baritone, percussion, and flute.

The mission of Maqueos Music Academy is to promote music, creating a place where a child or any person from Southern California can find a safe activity while preserving his or her culture through music. Here emphasis is placed on discipline, patience, and dedication. 

Maqueos and his band are available to entertain the guests at your next social or cultural event.