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About this Artist

BATUBAGEN is the khoomei overtone vocalist and morin khuur player of Hanggai Band since 2006, which makes him one of the earliest members of the band. 

Batubagen grew up in Inner Mongolia’s Bairin region and became interested in khoomei overtone singing at an early age when he was still involved in sheep farming. Later he furthered his studies with khoomei master Aodusurong and has since been performing with Hanggai Band. 

Batubagen is the only morin khuur player in the band and is the main vocalist as well who uses the khoomei overtone singing technique. His sturdy timbre is exhibited in his lower register, which forms the unique sound of Hanggai Band. 

Batubagen is also an outstanding morin khuur player. His musical style pays homages to tradition while exploring modern possibilities with unique understanding of the instrument’s timbre and performance styles, direct and full of passion. His playing adapts to the Hanggai Band’s music beyond the traditional, bringing in musical colors that are his own. Hanggai Band has made their contribution to the world music scene since 2009, and Batubagen has made himself an indispensable member of the band.  

Batubagen has composed and arranged music for the band, and his music is recorded on Hanggai Band’s six albums. He has led the Hanggai Band to two national musical awards in China, including the National Champion of Chinese popular reality music show Sing My Song in 2015, and the Best Folk Musician of the 11th Chinese Music Media Award in 2011.