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Enluis Montes Olivar

About this Artist

The young Venezuelan conductor Enluis Montes Olivar was born on December 2, 1996, in the city of Guanare, in the Portuguese state.  He began his musical studies at the age of 8 in the chair of recorder with professor Norwis Pérez, trumpet with maestro Carlos Mínguez and continues his training with teachers Rafael Zambrano and Omar Guerra, all from the nucleus of Orchestras and Guanare Choirs in the Portuguese state.

Enluis belongs to the new generation of young directors of El Sistema.  He has participated in nine editions of the International Seminars held in the city of Acarigua-Araure, from 2008 to 2016 with teachers from the New England Conservatory and other music schools in the United States of America, Canada, Italy and Venezuela.  In addition, in 2011 he participated in the Trumpet Seminar and in the foundation of the Llanos Metals Ensemble, held in Guanare by the international master Max Sommenhalder.

Enluis was part of the trumpet ranks of the Guanare Youth Symphony Orchestra.  He entered the Los Llanos Youth Symphony Orchestra and the Los Llanos Metals Ensemble by competition, under the tutelage of Raquel Castillo de Zambrano, Roberto Zambrano and Henry Zambrano.  Enluis auditioned and joined the Venezuelan National Children's Symphony Orchestra in 2010, a generation that was conducted by Maestro Gustavo Dudamel and Maestro Sir.  Simon Rattle, former conductor of the legendary Berlin Philharmonic.

Montes, interested in orchestral conducting, debuted in 2007 at the age of 11 conducting the Guanare Youth and Children's Symphony Orchestra and Choir at the end-of-year 2007 concert. Subsequently, he began formal studies of orchestral conducting with teacher Teresa Hernández, a person who has influenced not only his interest in music but also his life.  Likewise, teacher José Antonio Abreu assumed his comprehensive training as a musician from the first moment and supported him at all times in every step he took, making him part of the Academic Training Program for Young Teaching Musicians and Directors.  Enluis has also attended Orchestral Conducting workshops with teachers José Antonio Abreu, Gustavo Dudamel, Dick van Gasteren, Eduardo Marturet, Diego Matheuz, Jhon Farrer, Leonardo Panigada, Tarcisio Barreto, Holger Baron, Leaf Bjaland, Mark Churchill, Luis Mauricio Carneiro and David Cubek.  He participated in the course of Orchestral Conducting, dictated in Caracas by the conductor of  the Miami Symphony Orchestra, the Venezuelan maestro Eduardo Marturet. In June 2013, together with the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, Enluis entered a competition of 40 young conductors.  In June 2017, Enluis participated in the Orchestral Conducting course dictated by the North American teacher Jhon Farrer and organized by the Conductor Guilds International and the Falcón Symphony Orchestra where he was also one of the active and chosen students to conduct the final concert of the course.  Furthermore, Enluis participated in the first, second, and third Orchestral Conducting courses organized by the "Inocente Carreño" Conservatory of Itinerant Music taught by the Dutch teacher Dick van Gasteren together with a select group of young conductors from El Sistema in Caracas-Venezuela.

In November 2012, when he was just 15 years old, he captivated the public and critics by directing the Cantata Criolla by Antonio Estévez in the Simón Bolívar room of the Center for Social Action for Music, with a staging of 250 musicians from the Orchestra  and the Los Llanos Youth Symphonic Choir, within the framework of the First Festival of Young Directors of Venezuela, which caused the concert to be repeated on December 18 of the same year at the request of maestro José Antonio Abreu as a personal sample for maestro Gustavo Dudamel who assured that Enluis would have a "promising" future.  In May 2013, he repeated the feat but this time with the magnificent Youth Symphony Orchestra of Caracas, the Simón Bolívar National Youth Choir and the Los Llanos Youth Symphonic Choir, in addition to having solos with the teachers: Idwer Álvarez and Gaspar Colon, framing the event in the II Festival of Young Directors of Venezuela.

At the end of 2015, Enluis had the honor of directing the artistic re-release of the Maracay Opera Theater where he was invited by El Sistema in Aragua, where he was the Musical Director of the play "Tartufo" by Moliere, who was under the artistic direction of the maestro Reynaldo Hidalgo.  Consecutively, Enluis conducted the official re-premiere concert of the entire Aragua State Orchestras System, on Friday, December 4 of the same year, at the Maracay Opera Theater, with more than 350 artists on stage.  In May 2016 he became the first conductor in the world to conduct a Mozart mass, but this time, adding the interpretation of the Venezuelan sign language which strengthened the inclusion of the deaf and special community, a project performed with the !Franco Medina” Youth Symphony and the White Hands Choir of the Special Education Program of the Barquisimeto nucleus.

In November 2016, Enluis conducted Beethoven's 9th Symphony, along with the entire Lara State Orchestras and Choirs System, achieving the unification of 400 musicians while honoring maestro José Antonio Abreu and maestro Luis Giménez.

As a magnificent posthumous tribute to the teacher José Antonio Abreu, on April 7, 2018, Montes had the enormous responsibility of directing the largest Orchestra and Choir in the world,  a total of 10,771 musicians in the Polyhedron of Caracas, making a varied repertoire and  traditional of El Sistema.

Enluis Montes Olivar performed his first international tour between November and December 2018 in Greater Japan, where he conducted a concert on December 1 at the Tokyo Metropolitan Arts in the Japanese capital, commemorating the union for the first time of five cores of the Japanese System, the White Hands Choir from Tokyo, and the Lara Somos Ensemble from Venezuela.

Enluis has been awarded in 2012 and 2013 with the Honor Merit Button by the Municipal Council of the city of Guanare and the Juan Fernández de León order in its only class by the mayor of the Guanare municipality.  In addition to having received the Order of Merit AFIVEL in its only class on June 13, 2014 from the Italo Venezuelan social center of Barquisimeto, Lara state, Enluis also recieved the coat of arms of the Bolivarian Army, awarded by the army general commander, Alexis Asencion López Ramírez the June 23, 2014, within the framework of the concert held on the occasion of the 193 anniversary of the Bolivarian army. Montes Olivar was awarded the General Order of Division Juan Jacinto Lara on May 28, 2015, by the Lara State Government and on September 14, 2016 he received the Order "Button City of Barquisimeto" from the executive municipal. All of this emphasizing and recognizing their social and artistic work within the System of Youth and Children's Orchestras and Choirs of the Lara state.

Montes Olivar was Musical Director of the !Franco Medina” Youth Symphony Orchestra between 2014 and early 2017, also of the Lara Children's Symphony Orchestra during 2015. He was also Assistant Director of the Lara  Youth Symphony between 2016 and 2017 while at the same time holding the Chair of Orchestral Direction of the Conservatory of Music "Vicente Emilio Sojo"

In his career as conductor, Montes has conducted orchestras and choirs such as: Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela, !Simón Bolívar” Symphony Orchestra, Juan José Landaeta Symphony Orchestra, Aragua Symphony Orchestra,  Falcón Symphony Orchestra, Caracas Youth Symphony Orchestra, Caracas Symphony Orchestra, "Teresa Carreño" Symphony Orchestra, "Francisco de Miranda" Symphony Orchestra, Los Angeles Youth Orchestra, Caracas Metropolitan Area Youth Symphony Orchestra, Children's Symphony Orchestra  Soma, Komagane and Otzuchi, Maracay Youth Symphony Orchestra, Lara Youth Symphony Orchestra, Lara State Children's Regional Symphony Orchestra, Los Llanos Youth Symphony Orchestra, Acarigua-Araure Youth Symphony Orchestra, Barinas State Symphony Orchestra, Guanare Youth Symphony Orchestra, Regional Children's Symphony Orchestra  del Estado Apure, Apure Symphony Orchestra, Youth Symphony Orchestra nucleus Turen, Youth Symphony Orchestra "Franco Medina" from the Barquisimeto nucleus, Youth Symphony Orchestra Larenses "Pedro Leon Torres" from the Carora nucleus,

National Youth Choir “Simon Bolivar" from Venezuela,  White Hands Choir, Children Singers from Venezuela, Metropolitan Youth Symphonic Choir, Los Llanos Symphonic Youth Choir, Lara Youth Symphonic Choir and the Aragua Regional Youth Choir.

In March 2019, Enluis was invited by the President of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations Organization, Inga Rhonda King, to participate in the 2019 ECOSOC Youth Forum "Empowered, Included and Equal" at the headquarters of  the UN in New York, United States of America on April 8 and 9 of the same year.

In addition, in May 2019 Enluis was invited by Maestro Gustavo Dudamel to be part of the prestigious Dudamel Fellow program to take place in the 2019-2020 season with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, where he had the opportunity to follow the guidance, teaching and advice of the  Venezuelan’s Maestro, in addition to assisting him in numerous concert programs with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and renowned international soloists, with the intention of promoting and developing his artistic-musical career.

Under the Dudamel Fellow Program, Montes conducted the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra at the Toyota Symphonies for Youth children's program on September 28 and October 12 at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.  In addition, in November 2019, he received a very good criticism from "Los Angeles Times" about his first concert with YOLA (Youth Orchestra of Los Angeles) "This warmup concert was conducted by a new Dudamel fellow, Enluis Montes Olivar, a 22-year-old Venezuelan.  He was a firebrand on the podium who whipped the kids up into a spirited and contagious chorus while impressively disciplined while performing Arturo Márquez's Danzón No. 2. "

On February 12, 2020, he conducted the Cantata Criolla by Antonio Estevez in the central celebration of the 45th Anniversary of El Sistema by the El Sistema Multigenerational Orchestra and Choir. He developed a virtual concert in honor of the 43rd anniversary of El Sistema in Portuguesa, thus beginning his career as a music producer. Later, he founded the Venezuela Virtual Chamber Orchestra, a purely virtual orchestra that had the objective of continuing to make music during the Coronavirus pandemic, with it, he directed and produced a virtual concert for the Show: El Santo Patriota, which was presented on December 5 in honor to the doctor of the poor Dr. José Gregorio Hernandez.  He was also in charge of the direction and production of the song “Feliz Navidad” by José Feliciano, which was interpreted by the voice of the Venezuelan singer Edward Mena, which was a winner of the bronze medal of the Global Music Award in the category of  Christmas song.  He also directed and produced the holiday song Jingle Bells Rock performed by two-time Latin Grammy winner Lorenzo Mendez.

He is currently a collaborator of the Directorate of Orchestral and Choral Management of El Sistema, where he is at the command of said direction to conduct as a guest the different professional and regional orchestras of El Sistema.  Besides, he studies at the El Sistema Orchestral Conducting School and the Inocente Carreño Itinerant Music Conservatory sponsored by the HILTI Foundation, under the tutelage of teachers Pablo Castellanos and Dick van Gasteren.