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Yoni Fogelman

About this Artist

Yoni Fogelman’s upbringing as a choral singer engendered an appreciation for melodies that could not be fully satiated until he crafted his own. At 16 years old, he is enjoying his fourth year as baritone and composer-in-residence with the national-award-winning “Powerhouse” Chamber Choir. A multi-instrumentalist, Yoni plays keyboard in the John Burroughs High School Jazz Band. He embraces jazz zealously, studying big-band arranging with acclaimed band director and Hollywood orchestrator Ladd McIntosh. Yoni furthers his music education through various composition fellowships. In 2019, he wrote a violin duet for the Sunset Chamber Festival entitled As Mist Falls Over Calm Water, deriving inspiration from Transcendentalist texts. Now, Yoni Fogelman is a 2019/20 fellow in the LA Phil Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellowship Program. Yoni’s enthusiasm for self-improvement transcends his musical activities, as he devotes much of his remaining energy to practicing Judaism and rock climbing.