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Emily Webster-Zuber

About this Artist

Emily Webster-Zuber is a 16-year-old 11th grade homeschool and concurrent college student. She began classical piano at the Colburn School with Jee Sung Kang (2009–17) and currently studies with Robert Ward. Emily takes composition with Ian Krouse (UCLA) and lessons with Derrick Spiva (Salastina). As a participant of Salastina Music Society’s Sounds Promising (composing and performing), two of her compositions premiered in the 2018/19 season, and she has been invited back for the 2019/20 season. She collaborates in Junior Chamber Music (2015–present) and Colburn’s Chamber Institute (2016–present). Through JCM, Emily was awarded scholarships for the Idyllwild Arts Piano/Chamber Intensive (2018/19) and the John Perry Academy (2018). She attended Concerto Fest Europa in Slovakia, where she performed solo repertoire and a double piano concerto with her sister (2018). This year, Emily is JCM’s Student Service Alliance Coordinator. She is an alumnus of the Wallis Annenberg’s GRoW and LA Opera’s 90012 programs. In her spare time, she enjoys building model airplanes. She is also co-founder of Musical Traces, an organization dedicated to the development of musicians Emily is a 2019/20 fellow in the LA Phil Nancy and Barry Sanders Composer Fellowship Program.