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Jorge Arbert


About this Artist

Upon completing training in dance and theater, Jorge Arbert started his professional career in performance in Argentina. In 2000, he settled in Amsterdam, where he continues to work as a freelance performer.  As either a solo artist or in collaboration with other artists, Arbert develops theater and dance pieces for shows and festivals within The Netherlands and internationally. In the last four years, Arbert’s work has focused on the creation of more interactive performances with the audience, tailored to commercial, cultural and entertainment settings. He has experience working on stilts and performing as a drag queen, bringing his personal energy to everything he does.In addition to performing, Arbert has taught and presented workshops to children and adults in theater, dance, tango and stilts. He is the organizer and teacher of Tango Queer in Amsterdam, an initiative that explores dancing tango with no fixed roles. Arbert considers himself a citizen of the world; a theater maker and performer fascinated by work that merges different disciplines.