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Solange Mendoza

About this Artist

Solange Mendoza is a Venezuelan textile artist and costume designer. Her works have been exhibited at the most iconic international textile events: the International Tapestry Triennial, Central Museum of Tapestries, Lodz, Poland, the Havana Triennial of Arts, Wilfredo Lam, Cuba; the International Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Oaxaca, Mexico; Women in Textile Art, WTA- Miami, and the Arturo Michelena Art Biennial, Caracas, Venezuela, where Solange won the First Prize for three-dimensional artwork. 

As a Costume Designer, her work stands out in Venezuelan cinema, in films such as Una Casa con Vista al Mar, Postales de Leningrado, Una vida y dos Mandados and Cyrano FernándezIn 2010, Solange designed the costume for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra's Cantata Criolla by Antonio Estévez, conducted by Gustavo Dudamel.