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Doris Anahí

About this Artist

Doris Anahi Muñoz is a musician and arts advocate from Los Angeles, California. She released her critically acclaimed debut EP “Aprendiendo por las Malas” summer 2022, and is the subject of Mija, a Disney Original Documentary focused on Doris’ years as an artist manager supporting her family’s immigration journey, to be released on the Disney+ platform. As the founder of Casa Mija and Solidarity for Sanctuary, Doris’ practice is mission led towards representation, self expression, and legacy-building for Latines wishing to belong in the entertainment industry. Doris also serves as a Senior Fellow in Civic Media at USC’s Annenberg Innovation Lab, and has produced Selena for Sanctuary shows at Lincoln Center, SummerStage, The Ford, and Grand Park. This year, Doris will be producing and performing Canciones de mi Madre, a show reviving Linda Ronstadt’s historic 1987 “Canciones de Mi Padre” mariachi album at The Ford in partnership with the LA Philharmonic.

Doris’ work has been featured in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Billboard, NPR, and Rolling Stone.