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Jasmin Savoy Brown

About this Artist

Jasmin Savoy Brown was born in Alameda, California, and raised in Springfield, Oregon. For as long as she can remember, Jasmin has been performing in any capacity that she could - be it forcing strangers to watch her perform musical numbers at the local grocery store at three years old, or encouraging her mother to tape record her dancing around the living room. At age four, she had her first role in a church musical, and she remembers singing on stage as the first moment she felt like she belonged. The rest is history.

Over the years, Jasmin took part in numerous musicals and was a member of various musical clubs, choirs and groups, some of which include University of Oregon, Portland Shakespeare Project, Art's Umbrella, Oregon Children's Choir, and Up Start Crow Studios. In 2011, she attended CAP21 Conservatory for their prestigious summer musical theatre training intensive.

After graduating high school, she moved to Portland, Oregon where she met and worked with her now dear friend and mentor, Liz Vice. She has studied with Lawrence Arancio, Jonathan Siegle, Rob Nagle, Jana Lee Hamblin, Michael Mendelson, Nike Imoru, Siri Vik, Thomas R. Blaylock, and Mark Beudert to name a few.

Jasmin currently lives in Los Angeles, where she studies voice at Northwest Institute of Voice and tap with Howard Blume. Her most recent work can be seen in "The Virgins," "The Fosters" on ABC Family, "Forgotten Hero," and "Laggies," directed by Sundance Alum Lynn Shelton, to be released in September.