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Paige Zilba


About this Artist

“Beatboxer,” “voice impressionist,” “TikToker,” “songwriter,” are just a few words to encompass all that is Paige Zilba. Although Paige was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, her dreams and passions are anything but small. At a monumental moment in her life only in the 5th grade, Zilba discovered a unique passion that was unheard of by many: Beatboxing. Always a self-starter, 10-year-old Zilba devoted countless hours practicing her craft of beatboxing until it became an essential part of who she is today as a creator. Now, Zilba has successfully cemented herself as one of the most renowned female beatboxers in the world with over 11 million followers on social media. In addition to beatboxing, Paige has committed virtually all years of her life to various creative pursuits from a young age. This led to her developing a wide array of skills that she uses professionally. These include music therapy, songwriting, audio production, video production, musicianship, acting, directing, and musical arranging. Zilba graduated from Baldwin Wallace University as a bachelor of music specializing in music therapy.