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About this Artist

A California-based, Mexican-Irish singer/songwriter/producer, and classically trained cellist with aairily emotive voice, EMÆL’s measured and melancholic chamber pop draws from the same shapeshifting musical well as wizards like Son Lux, alt-J, Apparat, and Radiohead, but with a succinct aura of pop refinery. The evocative blend of classical, pop, indie, jazz, and electronic music has birthed two EPs and two full length albums, all composed, produced, arranged, and mixed by EMÆL and his band. The current musicians performing with EMÆL are Joris Hoogsteder, Michael Womack, Joslyn Sarshad, Alyssa Cantal, and Anthony Beville. Past performers, Daniel Kristoff and Mikko Pablo, still collaborate on production and writing. The ambitious 2018 release, Glasswork, which introduced a jazzier harmonic spectrum, voice modulation, and the ever present choir of cellos into the mix, helped to establish EMÆL overseas resulting in a 2019 European Tour. 2021, saw EMÆL release the sophomore album Three60, a more melancholic yet slightly less experimental project, highlighting emotions of pursuit of happiness, nostalgia, and heartbreak resulting from his departure from a 9 year relationship. Recently, EMÆL has released snippets of unreleased music on social media hinting that there is much more coming.