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Bugs Bunny

About this Artist

BUGS BUNNY is one of the most recognized cartoon characters in the world, whose signature phrase "What's Up, Doc?" has long since entered the English language.

Bugs' first 'reel' appearance in front of his soon-to-be-adoring public was in 'A Wild Hare' directed by Tex Avery. Since then, Bugs' zany antics in hundreds of cartoon favorites have made him a legend throughout the world.

This cool, collected, carrot-chomping rabbit is the unequivocal superstar of the Looney Tunes family. With never a 'hare' out of place he always manages to outsmart his adversaries, whoever they may be. He's a real American icon who has graced the TV and cinema screens the world over.

Twice Bugs Bunny's cartoons have been nominated for Academy Awards, and his 'Knighty Knight Bugs' won a coveted Oscar. In addition to his many animated shorts and 21 prime time television specials, Bugs has starred in four films and will be starring in the live action adventure comedy Looney Tunes: Back in Action, which will arrive in theaters November 14th. The film also stars Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman, and Steve Martin, as well as Bugs' long-suffering sidekick Daffy Duck.