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Diego Amador

About this Artist

Diego Amador is a flamenco jazz multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer. Also known as "El Ray Charles Gitano" (the gypsy Ray Charles) for his free and vigorous spirit when playing the piano. He has collaborated with the biggest stars of flamenco, such as Tomatito, Camarón de la Isla, Remedios Amaya, and Diego El Cigala. He has also collaborated with Jazz artists such as Pat Metheny, Pirelli Lagrene, Charlie Haden, and Chick Corea, among others. Diego Amador was born into a gypsy family with a flamenco musical tradition in Seville. His musical training began at an early age. Started with the guitar and singing, and then self-taught to play the piano applying his knowledge of flamenco while playing it. In his adolescence, Raimundo and Rafael, two of his older brothers, founded the flamenco group “Pata Negra” famous in the '80s for its fusions of flamenco, rock and blues, where Diego played drums. Later, in 1994, he created a quartet called “Patita Negra”. But his solo career would follow a different direction, consolidating himself as a Pianist and Flamenco Singer of his own.