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Curro Carrasco

About this Artist

Latin Grammy nominee, Francisco Carrasco Soto, best know as “Curro Carrasco”, is a flamenco guitarist, composer, and along with Pelé de Los Reyes, founder and  member of the flamenco-fusion group “Navajita Plateá”. 

Born into a recognized flamenco saga of flamenco artists, singers and guitarists such as Los Sordera, Los Fernández, María Soleá, and Los Carrascos. He is the brother of the cantaor “Juañares” and nephew of Diego Carrasco.

Aside from touring with his group Navajita Plateá, he has collaborated as a composer and producer with other important flamenco artists such as Diego Carrasco, María Toledo, Sordera, Nani Cortés, La Fabi,  and others.

Curros´s guitar playing style is unique in that his rhythmic patterns and musicality stand out from traditional flamenco parameters while maintaining his essence and legacy.