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Jason Winters

Chef, Speak Cheezy

About this Artist

For the past 27 years, Chef-Owner Jason Winters has graced the kitchens of some of the best chefs in the country. A decade ago, he started Urban Pie as one of the first mobile wood-fired pizzerias in Southern California which quickly grew to one of the most recognized pizza catering companies in Los Angeles. During that time pioneered sourdough pizza as one of the first in Southern California. One morning after dropping his kids off at school he decided to walk into the former Scratch Baked Goods space in Long Beach to make the owner an offer. A place where he dreamt of serving the community for years. Through the window, she told him that she was retiring. The next day a for lease sign went up. And it fell into place exactly how it was supposed to be in the town that he loves serving the community that he adores.

His Sourdough pizza is made using Artisan flours from Washington, Utah, California, and Vermont and is "Naturally Fermented" for 3 to 5 days. These mozzarella curds are shipped from New York and hand-stretched along with his stracciatella. He is committed to using the best quality ingredients and have relationships with a veritable of local farms.