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holly johnston

About this Artist

holly johnston (she/her) is a Human Performance Systems and Production Ecologist for CONTRA-TIEMPO and the Envisioning Director of Responsive Body- a social movement and body liberation practice. More information on her work as a human systems ecologist can be found at holly is an artist, creative and critical thinker, galvanizer and dedicates her time to the work of enhancing resources for human beings creating conditions for wellness, equity, prosperity, and artistic excellence. She is a choreographer, dance artist, teacher, and trauma-informed somatic specialist. She was the artistic director for LEDGES AND BONES. She has been faculty and guest artist in residence for universities and colleges throughout the United States. holly’s work with human beings and organizations is simultaneously therapeutic and organizational, it is joyful pleasure but also critical thinking, it is healing and asks for the rigor that transforms passion into social change. holly is a relentless generator of creative energies who loves the beautiful chaos of being alive.