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Juan “Co-eL” Rodriguez

About this Artist

Juan "Co-eL” Rodriguez is a Hip Hop Dance and Performance Artist originally from Phoenix, Arizona. He began his artist venture training and engaging with the Hip hop community at an early age, his primary form being breaking. He later attended Arizona State University where he became interested in a variety of artistic practices including studying and expanding upon his Street Dance knowledge which included House, Locking, Breaking among other Hip Hop and adjacent based techniques. He also studied postmodern contemporary dance and a variety of improvisation based forms including contact improvisation, battling, cyphers and other structure based work. His interests revolve around hip hop research, performance and performance studies, education, history, improvisation, battling, ethnography and choreography.

Co-eL currently lives in Los Angeles where he runs operations for CONTRA-TIEMPO and dances as a company member for DIAVOLO Architecture in Motion. Co-eL’s current engagements include teaching, performing, choreographing, administering and designing for various local and touring companies and projects. Notable production partnerships include Lighting and Production Management for Jumatatu M. Poe’s “Let ‘im Move You” series, Passionfruit Dance Company’s “Dance Within your Dance” and J. Bouey’s “Chiron in Leo”. He has also worked as an educator for several institutions including Dance For a Variable Population, Mark Morris Dance Group and Dancewave as well as holding residencies at several universities and institutions.

IG: @coelsky