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Emilio Ochando


About this Artist

Emilio Ochando was born in Valencia in 1984. At the age of 9 he began to train as a dancer, at 12 he collaborated with the National Ballet of Spain, and at 16 he moved to Madrid, where he continued his training as a professional dancer at the Madrid Royal Conservatory. He has danced in companies such as Domingo Ortega, Inma Ortega, Malucos Danza, Nuevo Ballet Español (Rojas and Rodríguez), Aida Gómez, and Flamenco Vivo, where he covers the entire national and international scene. He has also danced in various large tableaus such as El Corral de la Pacheca, La Morería, and Las Tablas. Three years ago, Ochando began his career as a choregrapher and created his own dance company. Among his repertoire are shows such as Round Trip, 3DEUNO, and the recently launched SIROCO. He is currently immersed in the latest production of the Royal Professional Conservatory of Dance Mariemma and in solo projects for national and international companies as a guest artist. He also continues to tour Spain and abroad at renowned festivals such as the Jerez Festival, Suzanne Dellal Festival, Madrid Flamenco Festival, and Red Theaters while continuing to conduct workshops and master classes all over the world.