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Rocky Rivera

About this Artist

Rocky Rivera is an emcee from San Francisco. Her early beginnings as a journalist in publications such as Mass Appeal, The Source and Rolling Stone inform her music, as she describes her progressive upbringing growing up in the Bay Area. Rocky has released two mixtapes, four albums and nine joint projects with DJ Roza under the Rock & Roz series on Patreon. Her latest album, Rocky's Revenge, is available now for purchase on all digital platforms. Rocky’s music is a journey into the spirit of resistance, blending social justice, feminism and West Coast-style hip hop into thought-provoking anthems with timeless appeal.

Snakeskin is Rocky’s first book, a collection of autobiographical essays that chronicle her journey to becoming the artist. Included are complete lyrics to all of her albums, an invitation for the reader and to dive deeply into the songs as Rocky intended.