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About this Piece

Michael Praetorius' Psallite expresses the cradle song through its initial word, since it imitates the plucking sound of the stringed instrument. The mixture of German and Latin juxtaposes the hieratic with the intimate, and their setting for double choir adds to the fullness of this harmony.

Psallite unigenito Christo Dei filio!

Sing to the Only-gotten, Christ, the Son of God!

Psallite Redemptori Domino,

Sing to our Lord Redeemer,

puerulo iacenti in præsepio.

the child lying in a manger.

Ein kleines Kindelein liegt in dem Krippelein,

A small babe lying in a little manger,

alle lieben Engelein dienen dem Kindelein

all the lovely angels serve the little child

und singen ihm fein.

and sweetly sing to Him.