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Length: c. 130 minutes

About this Piece

A fittingly spectacular finish to the LA Phil’s Centennial season, Meredith Monk’s ATLAS receives a staggeringly ambitious new production by the LA Phil’s Artist-Collaborator Yuval Sharon. This landmark work from one of modern music’s most influential composers weaves a tale about a young girl’s journey to the four corners of our world and beyond. Sharon’s production incorporates visual art, movement, and an innovative use of Walt Disney Concert Hall to cap his three-year residency with the orchestra.

Part I: Personal Climate

Overture (Out of Body 1)
Travel Dream Song
Home Scene
Future Quest (The Call)
Rite of Passage A
Choosing Companions


Part II: Night Travel
Night Travel
Guides’ Dance
Agricultural Community
Loss Song
Campfire/Hungry Ghost
Father’s Hope
Ice Demons
Explorer #5 / Lesson / Explorers’ Procession
Lonely Spirit
Forest Questions
Desert Tango
Treachery (Temptation)
Possibility of Destruction

Part III: Invisible Light

Out of Body 2
Other Worlds Revealed
Explorers’ Junctures
Earth Seen from Above
Rite of Passage B