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About this Piece

To be in between is to be situated at the crossroads of two extremes or choices; to exist in an intermediate state, that sometimes only offers the choice of embracing the unknown. In this piece for voice and an octet of winds and strings, I wanted to explore the full spectrum of emotions that can be experienced in these in between moments: from excitement and playfulness, to fear and uncertainty. Each of the three contiguous movements has the ensemble shifting between dichotomies, rhythmically, texturally, or harmonically, while the vocalist presents dualities that begin to tell a multilayered story of what it can mean to be in between.

Written for the celebrated performer and composer Pamela Z, the voice is recorded and manipulated in real time throughout, showcasing her unique strength in creating a seamless hybrid of the acoustic and electronic. The text itself pays homage to her historically whimsical and inventive manner of turning ordinary human moments into poignant performance experiences. —Nathalie Joachim