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About this Piece

Enesco's Romanian Rhapsodies for orchestra owe much of their existence to Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies, which predate Enesco's by about 50 years. The term "rhapsody" in the context of a musical composition likely originates with Liszt and promises music that sounds wild and improvisatory. Enesco's Rhapsody No. 1 surely makes good on this promise, providing electrifying tune after tune all with an air of spontaneity and a frenzied finale. A celebrated composer, virtuoso violinist, and conductor, Enesco was the foremost Romanian musical figure of his generation. Naturally, many Romanian folk elements contributed to his musical language and development as a composer. Enesco's busy performing career and extreme perfectionism led to a very small musical output of only 33 published works, but of those many stand out for their musical freshness and technical skill.

- Composer John Glover is the Los Angeles Philharmonic's Publications Assistant.