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About this Piece

Live stand-up showcase featuring the cast of Queer Riot — Margaret Cho, River Butcher, Brad Loekle, Akeem Woods, and Daniel Webb followed by comedy shorts!

Because unbridled queer joy is a top priority for Outfest, we've cooked up this special comedy event dedicated to keeping the belly laughs coming all night long. Bring your picnic dinner and your beverage of choice, and get ready for a good time. The night begins with a lineup of live stand-up comedy featuring Margaret Cho and the rest of the cast of Outfest 2022 selection Queer Riot. That's followed by a collection of some of the most gut-busting short films we could find. From moody gay ghosts, to a neighbor's extremely loud coital activity, to a bisexual meetup that somehow turns Satanic. The stories our filmmakers have concocted bring the funny in a big way...and what better way to experience it than under the stars with hundreds of your closest queer friends?