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Length: 2 hrs, 16 mins

About this Piece


Scene 7a – Ice Dream

Scene 7b – Departure

Scene 7c – Selah

Scene 8 – Heroes

Scene 9 – Jerusalem

Scene 10 – Point Judith


Scene 11 – Altitudes

Scene 12a – Abandoned Love

Scene 12b – Alpha Centauri

Scene 12c – Lullaby

Scene 13 - Jubilee

In autumn their bond is threatened by the Threat from Without, the lure of ambition and infinite possibility, all the potential lives they foreswear to live one life together. That threat overcome, they renew their commitment, climbing the lighthouse at Point Judith: “Love, let us be true,” they sing in unison. But winter brings a Threat from Within, the cold loneliness of doubt, alienation, abandonment. Almost lost, they slowly find their way back to one another, recovering the past, re-imagining a future together. With this comes their second spring: renewal, repair, ecstatic celebration, the jubilee.