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We are honored to recognize our endowment donors, whose generosity ensures the long-term health of our organization. The following list represents cumulative contributions to the Los Angeles Philharmonic Endowment Fund as of August 15, 2022.

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Walt and Lilly Disney Foundation

Cecilia and Dudley Rauch


$20,000,000 to $24,999,999

David Bohnett Foundation


$10,000,000 to $19,999,999

The Annenberg Foundation

Colburn Foundation


$5,000,000 to $9,999,999


Dunard Fund USA

Lenore S. and Bernard A. Greenberg Fund

Carol Colburn Grigor

Terri and Jerry M. Kohl

Los Angeles Philharmonic Affiliates

Diane and Ron Miller Charitable Fund

M. David and Diane Paul

Ann and Robert Ronus

Ronus Foundation

John and Samantha Williams


$2,500,000 to $4,999,999

Peggy Bergmann YOLA Endowment Fund in Memory of Lenore Bergmann and John Elmer Bergmann

Lynn Booth/Otis Booth Foundation

Elaine and Bram Goldsmith

Norman and Sadie Lee Foundation

Karl H. Loring

Alfred E. Mann

Elise Mudd Marvin Trust

Barbara and Jay Rasulo

Flora L. Thornton


$1,000,000 to $2,499,999

Linda and Robert Attiyeh

Judith and Thomas Beckmen

Gordon Binder and Adele Haggarty

Helen and Peter Bing

William H. Brady, III

Linda and Maynard Brittan

Richard and Norma Camp

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Connell

Mark Houston Dalzell and James Dao-Dalzell

Mari L. Danihel

Nancy and Donald de Brier

The Walt Disney Company

Fairchild-Martindale Foundation

Eris and Larry Field

Reese and Doris Gothie

Joan and John Hotchkis

Janeway Foundation

Bernice and Wendell Jeffrey

Carrie and Stuart Ketchum

Kenneth N. and Doreen R. Klee

B. Allen and Dorothy Lay

Los Angeles Philharmonic Committee

Estate of Judith Lynne

MaddocksBrown Foundation

Ginny Mancini

Raulee Marcus

Barbara and Buzz McCoy

Merle and Peter Mullin

William and Carolyn Powers

H. Russell Smith Foundation

Jay and Deanie Stein Foundation Trust

Ronald and Valerie Sugar

I.H. Sutnick


$500,000 to $999,999


Ann and Martin Albert 

Abbott Brown 

Mr. George L. Cassat 

Kathleen and Jerrold L. Eberhardt 

Valerie Franklin 

Yvonne and Gordon Hessler 

Ernest Mauk and Doyce Nunis 

Mr. and Mrs. David Meline 


Sandy and Barry D. Pressman 

Earl and Victoria Pushee 

William and Sally Rutter 

Nancy and Barry Sanders 

Richard and Bradley Seeley 

Christian Stracke 

Donna Swayze 

Lee and Hope Landis Warner YOLA Student Fund 

Edna Weiss 


$250,000 to $499,999


Mr. Gregory A. Adams 

Baker Family Trust 

Veronica and Robert Egelston 

Gordon Family Foundation 

Ms. Kay Harland 

Joan Green Harris Trust 

Bud and Barbara Hellman 

Gerald L. Katell 

Norma Kayser 

Joyce and Kent Kresa 

Raymond Lieberman 

Mr. Kevin MacCarthy and Ms. Lauren Lexton 

Alfred E Mann Family Foundation  

Jane and Marc B. Nathanson 

Y & S Nazarian Family Foundation 

Nancy and Sidney Petersen 

Rice Family Foundation 

Robert Robinson 

Katharine and Thomas Stoever 

Sue Tsao 

Alyce and Warren Williamson 

$100,000 to $249,999


Mr. Robert J. Abernethy 

William A. Allison 

Rachel and Lee Ault 

Lee Bailey, M.D.

Angela Bardowell 

Deborah Borda 

The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation 

Jane Carruthers 

Pei-yuan Chia and Katherine Shen 

James and Paula Coburn Foundation 

The Geraldine P. Coombs Trust in memory of Gerie P. Coombs 

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Cox 

Silvia and Kevin Dretzka 

Allan and Diane Eisenman 

Christine and Daniel Ewell 

Arnold Gilberg, M.D., Ph.D. 

David and Paige Glickman 

Nicholas T. Goldsborough 

Gonda Family Foundation 

Margaret Grauman 

Kathryn Kert Green and Mark Green 

Joan and John F. Hotchkis 

Freya and Mark Ivener 


Ruth Jacobson 

Stephen A. Kanter, M.D. 

Jo Ann and Charles Kaplan 

Yates Keir 

Susanne and Paul Kester 

Vicki King 

Sylvia Kunin 

Ann and Edward Leibon 

Ellen and Mark Lipson 

B. and Lonis Liverman

Glenn Miya and Steven Llanusa 

Ms. Gloria Lothrop 

Vicki and Kerry McCluggage 

David and Margaret Mgrublian 

Diane and Leon Morton 

Mary Pickford Foundation 

Sally and Frank Raab 

Mr. David Sanders 

Malcolm Schneer and Cathy Liu 

David and Linda Shaheen Foundation 

William E.B. and Laura K. Siart 

Magda and Frederick R. Waingrow 

Wasserman Foundation 

Robert Wood 

Syham Yohanna & James W. Manns 


$25,000 to $99,999


Marie Baier Foundation 

Dr. Richard Bardowell, M.D. 

Jacqueline Briskin 

Dona Burrell 

Ying Cai & Wann S. Lee Foundation 

Ann and Tony Cannon 

Dee and Robert E. Cody 

The Colburn Fund 

Margaret Sheehy Collins 

Mr. Allen Don Cornelsen 

Ginny and John Cushman 

Marilyn J. Dale 

Mrs. Barbara A. Davis 

Dr. and Mrs. Roger DeBard 

Jennifer and Royce Diener 

Jane B. and Michael D. Eisner 

The Englekirk Family 

Claudia and Mark Foster 

Lillian and Stephen Frank 

Dr. Suzanne Gemmell 

Paul and Florence Glaser 

Good Works Foundation 

Anne Heineman 

Ann and Jean Horton 

Drs. Judith and Herbert Hyman 

Albert E. and Nancy C. Jenkins 

Robert Jesberg and Michael J. Carmody 

Ms. Ann L. Kligman 



Sandra Krause and William Fitzgerald 

Michael and Emily Laskin 

Sarah and Ira R. Manson 

Carole McCormac 

Meitus Marital Trust 

Sharyl and Rafael Mendez, M.D. 

John Millard 

National Endowment for the Arts 

Alfred and Arlene Noreen 

Occidental Petroleum Corporation 

Dr. M. Lee Pearce 

Lois Rosen 

Anne and James Rothenberg 

Donald Tracy Rumford Family Trust 

The SahanDaywi Foundation 

Mrs. Nancie Schneider 

William and Luiginia Sheridan 

Virginia Skinner Living Trust 

Nancy and Richard Spelke 

Mary H. Statham 

Ms. Fran H. Tuchman 

Tom and Janet Unterman 

Rhio H. Weir 

Mrs. Joseph F. Westheimer 

Jean Willingham 

Winnick Family Foundation 

Cheryl and Peter Ziegler 

Lynn and Roger Zino 

Los Angeles Philharmonic Musicians



Kenneth Bonebrake

Nancy and Martin Chalifour

Brian Drake

Perry Dreiman

Barry Gold

Christopher Hanulik

John Hayhurst

Jory and Selina Herman

Ingrid Hutman

Andrew Lowy

Gloria Lum

Joanne Pearce Martin

Kazue Asawa McGregor 

Oscar and Diane Meza 

Mitchell Newman 

Peter Rofé 

Meredith Snow and Mark Zimoski 

Barry Socher 

Paul Stein 

Leticia Oaks Strong 

Lyndon and Beth Johnston Taylor 

Dennis Trembly 

Allison and Jim Wilt 

Suli Xue 

Contact Us

For further information about the Endowment at the Los Angeles Philharmonic and Hollywood Bowl, or for further information on planned giving, please contact:

Nancy Baxter
Director of Gift Planning
213 972 3541 (office)
213 343 5499 (mobile)

Richard Watkins
Associate Director, Philanthropy
213 972 7540 (office)
434 242 8869 (mobile)


Genevieve Goetz
Gift Planning Officer
213 972 8099 (office)
213 500 6574 (mobile)

Taylor Burrows
Senior Coordinator, Gift Planning
213 972 3458 (office)
315 405 3096 (mobile)

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Please download this form and return to us by fax or mail.