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When asked to conceive of a piece that would reflect on the meaning of artists and audiences’ return to Walt Disney Concert Hall following the darkest days of the pandemic, director Kaneza Schaal and her collaborator Christopher Myers responded with EVERY VOICE, an AR sculpture and sound piece that takes loss, remembrance, and the art of gathering as its subject matter. Schaal writes, “We have been in the bones of the country, the bones of our own psyches, and the bones of our industry, of opera, of how we gather and share breath. At its best the opera is a model for participatory society and an epicenter of vast cultural exchange. EVERY VOICE is an homage to Augusta Savage’s The Harp, a monumental work destroyed after its presentation at New York’s World Fair in 1939; it is a welcome back to audiences, an incantation of lost voices, and a reminder to bring them with us.”

EVERY VOICE can be experienced via the free "Every Voice LA Phil" app available for iPhone and Android and deployed outside the main entrance of Walt Disney Concert Hall, on the corner of First and Grand.

Project by Kaneza Schaal
AR Sculpture by Christopher Myers
Sound by Ian Askew, Justin Hicks, Kenita Miller, Camila Ortiz, Kaneza Schaal, Cheyanne Williams

EVERY VOICE is supported by the David C. Bohnett CEO's Discovery & Innovation Fund

WHEN: Available 24-7 via the free "Every Voice LA Phil" app available for iPhone and Android from November 27, 2021-June 10, 2022.

WHERE: Outside Walt Disney Concert Hall’s Main Entrance on the Corner of 1st Street and Grand Avenue

EVERY VOICE was commissioned by the LA Phil as part of its Homecoming celebration and Humanities program, which invites guest curators, artists, and partner organizations to reflect on the themes of the LA Phil’s concert programming and contextualize it in new and unexpected ways.

The LA Phil’s Humanities Programs are generously supported by Linda and David Shaheen