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Upbeat Live: Pekka Kuusisto + Ellen Reid with Brian Lauritzen • LA Phil 2021/22

Watch & Listen

This talk was given at the first performance of Pekka Kuusisto + Ellen Reid at Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Pieces discussed:

Ellen REID Desiderium for solo violin (world premiere, LA Phil commission with generous support from Elizabeth and Justus Schlichting)

Ellen REID Fear l Release

Hannah KENDALL Verdala

Ellen REID/Roxie PERKINS Lumee’s Dream (world premiere arr., LA Phil commission)

KiMani BRIDGES The Flower

Missy MAZZOLI Vespers

William KRAFT Encounters I: Soliloquy (In Memoriam, performed by Joseph Pereira, percussion)

Meredith MONK (ARR. DAVID LANG) Double Fiesta

Nico MUHLY Shrink (West Coast premiere)

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