Yuja Wang in Recital - Cancelled

This concert has been cancelled. Your previously purchased tickets will be refunded and no further action is required on your part.

No Longer Available


  • RACHMANINOFF: Prelude in D major, Op. 23, No. 4
  • RACHMANINOFF: Étude-Tableau in B minor, Op 39, No. 4
  • RACHMANINOFF: Prelude in E minor, Op. 32, No. 4
  • RACHMANINOFF: Prelude in B minor, Op. 32, No. 10
  • RACHMANINOFF: Prelude in G minor, Op. 23, No. 5
  • RACHMANINOFF: Étude-Tableau in E-flat minor, Op. 39, No. 5
  • SCRIABIN: Piano Sonata No. 10, Op. 70
  • LIGETI: Etude No. 3, “Touches bloquées”
  • LIGETI: Etude No. 9, “Vertige”
  • LIGETI: Etude No. 1, “Désordre”
  • Intermission
  • PROKOFIEV: Piano Sonata No. 8 in B-flat major, Op. 84


  • Yuja Wang piano

About This Performance

Pianist Yuja Wang’s originally scheduled May 8, 2018 recital at Walt Disney Concert Hall, which was postponed because of illness, will not be rescheduled. Regarding the cancellation, Wang has stated:

I have been working hard to find a date in the next few months to play my postponed recitals in Vancouver, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Costa Mesa, but I’m sorry to tell my fans that it is simply impossible. I have been given strict instructions by my doctors that I’m trying very hard to follow to ensure that I remain healthy. I thank you all for your support and kindness and I look forward to performing for you again as soon as I am able.

Your previously purchased tickets for May 8 will be refunded and no further action is required on your part. For any questions, please contact Audience Services at 323 850 2000.

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