Fluxus: Patricia Kopatchinskaja Fluxus performance

The gifted violinist performs Fluxus works at the Getty Museum.

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  • CAGE : Nocturne
  • CAGE : Melody #1, Six Melodies
  • La Monte YOUNG : Compositions 1960 #13 (Giacinto SCELSI "L'Âme Ouverte" solo violin)
  • CAGE : Melody #4, Six Melodies
  • Sofia GUBAJDULINA : Dancer on a Tightrope
  • CAGE : Melody #5, Six Melodies
  • CAGE : Variations One


  • Patricia Kopatchinskaja violin
  • Gloria Cheng piano

About This Performance

Fluxus will return to the Getty Museum for a performance of Fluxus works by Patricia Kopatchinskaja. The versatile violinist recently served as music director of the Ojai Festival.

Location: Getty Museum

Visit fluxuslaphil.tumblr.com, where essays by prominent artists and scholars on aspects of the Fluxus movement and documentation of festival events will be posted throughout the LA Phil's 2018/19 season.

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