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Collective Conservatory + YOLA National: Drop Party

Daniel Trahey,
Creative Director and Teaching Artist
, Collective Conservatory 

Pete Tashjian,
Music Director, Teaching Artist
, Collective Conservatory 

Also joined by the Collective Conservatory Team: 
Natalie Frakes 
Gabriel Colby 
Osi Atikpoh 
Ben Hoyt 
Ruben Hernandez
Amy Owens 
Jalil Missouri
Gabriel Gutierez


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About This Event

YOLA National, El Sistema USA, and the Collective Conservatory have teamed up to create a virtual seminario for 3rd–5th-grade students from El Sistema programs across California from July 20 through 24, 2020. The Collective Conservatory will lead rehearsals and studio sessions and collect student excerpts created throughout the week to create a final, collaboratively produced track. This live session will be the culmination of the Collective Conservatory seminario. Tune in to hear the premiere of the new track and hear from the teaching artists about the process of engaging young musicians in an online, collaborative music-making journey.


About the Collective Conservatory 

The Collective Conservatory is an online initiative to facilitate meaningful, active, and immersive music-making experiences for communities, inspired by the philosophy of nurturing and inspiring the whole personExperienced teaching artists work alongside volunteer professional musicians and other cultural ambassadors to curate dynamic offerings, addressing community needs for social connectivity, wellness, creative expression, and independent learning. 

This event is for…

Students and young people  

Music educators and administrators interested in collaborative composition and music making



  • Hear the premiere of a collaboratively produced track from 3rd–5th-graders 

  • Learn about collective composition and distance learning


How to join

This event will be hosted on YouTube

  • Visit this page to to access the event or set up a reminder. 

  • Join the conversation: log in to your YouTube account or easily create one to chat with us during the event! 

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